Inspired by danger

Why is it that danger attracts us so much?
We are always seeking for something that keeps us on our toes, always aware that something terrible could go wrong which gives us a kick. There is something hauntingly beautiful and alluring about risking your life for a one time moment, that one moment where you are paradisiacal, be it a dangerous mountain expedition or life threatening ski lift. We like to make promises to ourselves, about the ‘what ifs’ if we survive this hurdle. I guess that is what is known as a thirst for the unknown, a constant travel fever that is forever embedded in every single person’s mind making them nomadic.

Book Inspiration- Eiger dreams by Jon Krakauer
Read this book to know every possible thing that could go wrong during an expedition be it a frozen waterfall climb or the problems of being in a snowbound tent. But I promise you one thing, once you are done with the book, the first thing you would do is pack a bag.


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