The Camel story

A sandstorm hits my home
Im seperated
From anyone known
I find myself getting tied
I find myself weighed down
“Too heavy” I scream
No one seems to hear
“Too young” I hear someone say
My throat is parched
I wobble on the sand
Im left in the storm yet again
I find someone tugging
But I’m blinded
I notice shade and I run for it
I open my eyes to find rain
I’m bandaged I noticed
“Amal” I hear,
Almost naming myself
I want to thank him
Instead I bow to him
He keeps me well
And I take him places,
Years later I’m sent
To a far of land,
Against my will
I see him shed a tear
I did not want to leave
I saw pretty colours
A shawl wrapped over me
Day and night I walk
With people on my back
Till the time
My legs became weak
I fall on the sand
I hear someone familiar
I see the man who bandaged me
‘Amal’ he said,
And that was the last thing I heard.


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