Mumbai- city of dreams

Relationships are messy and people’s feelings get hurt..” “We live in the worlds most beautiful city, we might as well enjoy when we are young and leave the serious stuff for later..”

This quote reminds me not about relationships but about how beautiful the city Mumbai is. My home, my love; where every person on the street has indirectly or directly some hand in shaping the other person’s future. We are part of a huge beautiful tree . I love the bustling crowd, and how its a city that never sleeps.

I remember the first time I saw Mumbai at the age of four, when I chucked my head at the flight window to look at the glowing twinkling lights at 2am in the morning, when I realized that how the ‘Mumbaikars’ represent the true spirit of India. In other words, Mumbai is the New York of India.

The city represents Urban India, and it definitely is not a place for the faint hearted who want a life of peace and the countryside. It is a place for all those brave-hearts who are willing to risk anything and make a mark in this world.



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