Alibaug – that refreshing change

A good four hour drive from Mumbai (a famous city in Maharashtra, India) lies a not so famous place/ village or slightly developed village, Alibaug. I had truthfully not heard of that place until my dad announced it to be our next road trip destination. Reaching it included a whole lot of highways but between those highways were roads which led through villages and towns whcich were so different from ours. Their simple lifestyles amazed me.
                 After taking the wrong road a dozen times we reached our destination, absolutely exhausted. One thing about Alibaug though, people are definitely not that bright at all.
        We stopped at a water resort which was rather quaint for its name “Big Splash”. I was hoping extravagance but my heart melted when I saw those hammocks. It was maybe because it was a new place but my family relaxed after a long time.  We all were busy absorbing the new surroundings.
          After a long swim we decided to take a rickshaw around the small town. The driver told us about how tourists make a quick stop here while they were on route to Goa. We decided to check out the Alibaug beach. It wasn’t particularly a clear beach but the darkness and the night time made the waves look silver and beautiful.
         I wouldn’t call it a perfect holiday destination but it was  the refreshing change we all are looking for. Isnt that the point of a holiday after all? 🙂



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